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How Do Eastern Religions Deal with Substance Abuse and Treatment?
Nov 6, 2018

The successful treatment of a substance use disorder involves a multidimensional approach that can include the use of medications, therapy, peer support groups, family support, and other interventions. Although many different religions and schools of philosophy have different conceptualizations of the cause and resolution of issues with substance abuse, the overall effectiveness of the treatment […]

Finding a Nonreligious, Agnostic, or Atheist Rehab Near Me
Nov 5, 2018

The difference between spirituality and religion is often blurred and difficult to distinguish. Even research studies that attempt to assess the contribution of spirituality to recovery from substance use disorders often find that the terms are not well defined. The major difference between the notion of spirituality and a religion is that religion concentrates on […]

Are There Islam-Based Addiction Treatment Options?
Nov 5, 2018

Islamic law seeks to protect the belief in Allah by promoting life, the maintenance of property, and the maintenance of a healthy state of mind. The Islamic view of the use of drugs or alcohol is quite clear that drugs or alcohol should be avoided (with some reservations for the use of wine). Substance Use […]

What Judaism-Based Addiction Treatments Exist?
Nov 5, 2018

Approximately 14 million people practice Judaism worldwide. Jewish people believe that there is only one God who created the universe and that God is in control of the universe (monotheism). God is spiritual, not physical. The Foundation of Judaism The foundation of Judaism is the Torah, sometimes referred to as the Pentateuch or as the […]

Faith Based Recovery: Stigmas & Reasons for Turning to Religion
Nov 5, 2018

Religious belief has often been a topic of discussion in counseling and therapy, as to whether it can provide patients with a foundation for better mental health. The same dynamic has been examined in substance abuse rehabilitation, and many faith systems have models for providing patients with a structure for healing and self-improvement. This guide […]

Christian Rehab
Feb 3, 2016

American Addiction Centers At AAC, we strive for clinical excellence in everything we do. Our approach is holistic: we provide wraparound care to treat the whole person—not just the addiction. Patient confidentiality is a part of the culture at AAC and all of your medical records and treatment plans are kept 100% private. Treatment doesn’t […]

Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers Near Me
Nov 2, 2015

Many people who are dealing with drug or alcohol addiction seek spiritual support while trying to detox and recover from drugs or alcohol. For people who identify as Christians, there are several addiction treatment programs available that place focus on providing spiritual guidance as a cornerstone in their overall program structure. What is Christian Treatment? […]

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