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Sobriety & Life: A Celebrity’s Experience
Nov 3, 2022

Alcohol consumption is widely acceptable, legal to purchase for those 21-years and older, and is part of many social events both personally and professionally. However, excessive consumption can be harmful to one’s health and dangerous to others should an individual operate a motor vehicle while under the influence. And those individuals who are battling an […]

Depression, Substance Misuse & Success
Aug 26, 2022

Success tends to be inaccurately equated with perfection. The truth is it comes only after walking a path riddled with countless obstacles and failures by a flawed individual known as the human being. And it doesn’t matter which endeavor one chooses to pursue—engineering, medicine, or professional sports—we all travel along a path and none of […]

Addiction Recovery & Sobriety Phone Apps
Feb 3, 2022

After completing a treatment program for alcohol and/or substance misuse, individuals are advised to remain connected to supportive family and friends, as well as to support groups. This includes returning to a safe home environment or attending a sober living facility, depending on the situation, circumstances, and needs of the individual. Doing so allows those […]

Can Alcohol in Food Affect Recovery?
Jan 20, 2022

While many may be steadily working their way through Dry January, some may be innocently overlooking other sources that contribute to alcohol consumption such as what’s found in some foods. Wine, beer, sherry, and liqueurs have been used for years in a number of recipes. But before you put a stop to eating chicken cacciatore […]

Kirstin Walker Talks About Addiction in Communities of Color
Feb 19, 2021

American Addiction Centers (AAC) recently aired the second episode of its Facebook Live show Addiction Talk. This episode featured an interview with Kirstin Walker, the founder of Sober Brown Girls. Walker’s organization helps women of color learn more about and maintain sobriety. In the interview, Walker talked to AAC’s Joy Sutton about her experience with […]

Baseball Player Sabathia and the Path to Sobriety
Feb 4, 2021

The path to sobriety from alcohol is riddled with many bumps in the road. An addiction doesn’t end in one day. Instead it’s a series of ongoing daily choices to live a sober life. Free from substance abuse. It begins with the individual taking the first step by seeking help. New York Yankees’ Baseball Legend […]

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