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How Pets Can Assist in Recovery
Aug 17, 2023

Benefits of Pet Ownership During Recovery When it comes to addiction treatment and recovery, pet ownership usually doesn’t make the top-10 list of therapy recommendations. However, based on a host of studies and anecdotal reports about the perks of pet ownership, maybe it should. Pets—including everything from cats and dogs to lizards and rabbits—can offer […]

Substance Use Amongst Teens Remains Steady
Jan 12, 2023

Illicit substance use amongst teens remains at or below pre-pandemic use for all grade levels. This includes nonmedicinal use of drugs, cocaine, amphetamines, and heroin. Teenagers most frequently reported using cannabis, alcohol, and nicotine vaping within the past year, according to The Monitoring the Future survey, a survey conducted each year by University of Michigan […]

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness Month
Jun 9, 2022

During the month of June, we shine a spotlight on PTSD and its impact on the lives of those that live with this disorders. On June 27, PTSD Awareness Day, we also pay tribute to Staff Sergeant Joe Biel, who took his own life in 2007 after returning from his second tour of duty in […]

Military Service Members: Addictions & Co-Occurring Disorders
Jun 2, 2022

Military Service Members: Addictions & Co-Occurring Disorders We are constantly looking for protection from outside threats. It may be in the form of a password/face ID on our cell phones, an alarm system on our homes, or if on a broader scale, protection for our country comes in the form of our United States military. […]

What Does Psychological Addiction Involve?
Aug 10, 2021

When discussing addiction, most of the time, people refer to physical addiction that occurs to a substance. However, psychological addiction is just as real. Even though it may not lead to life-threatening physical symptoms, psychological addiction can be just as uncomfortable as physical addiction. What Is Psychological Addiction? One way to understand psychological addiction is […]

Addicted to Porn: What It’s All About
Jun 1, 2021

Entertainment celebrity Andra Day opened up publicly in a recent post. Star of “The United States vs. Billie Holiday,” Day realized she needed to tackle her addiction before taking on this leading role. She knew that “any element of sexualization” would interfere with her work. So she dealt with her disorder. Now in recovery, this […]

Booze and Snooze: How Does Drinking Affect Sleep?
May 18, 2021

Are you thinking about having a few drinks before going to sleep? Think again. If you’re looking forward to a restful night, even moderate drinking may undermine those plans. As it turns out, research shows that alcohol negatively affects sleep patterns. But doesn’t alcohol induce calmness and contentment? Having a couple of drinks to dampen […]

How Drinking Affects Health and Wellness
Apr 30, 2021

Alcohol use disorder is a progressive, chronic, and potentially fatal disease that causes serious damage to a person’s physical and emotional health. But even people who are able to drink safely need to be mindful about how the substance affects their body and mind. Despite being widely accepted as a societal norm (it’s estimated that […]

The Pros and Cons of Ketamine as Medicine
Apr 20, 2021

The story of ketamine starts almost 60 years ago. That’s when an American research scientist, intent on coming up with a new anesthetic with pain relieving properties, formulated it. The year was 1962; the place was the Parke Davis Laboratories. Although first patented in Belgium, ketamine for medical use received approval from the U.S. Food […]

Effective Techniques for Managing Social Anxiety
Apr 9, 2021

Living with an anxiety disorder can be incredibly disruptive and negatively impact your quality of life. Social anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder where an individual will feel anxiety or an intense fear about situations that could involve feeling scrutinized, judged, evaluated, or where they might meet new people. This fear can be so […]

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