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Comparing GHB to GBL: What Are the Similarities and Differences?
The effects and risks of GLB are identical to GHB. But because the onset of action of GBL is faster, its potency much greater, and the duration of action longer, GBL may have a greater potential for misuse than GHB. Learn more about the similarities and differences when comparing GHB to GBL.
How Long Does GHB Stay in Your System?
The exact length of time it takes for the body to process all of the GHB is unique to each person but will roughly take between two and five hours. Learn more about how long GHB stays in your system after use.
Is Ecstasy (MDMA) Addictive?
Ultimately, yes, ecstasy can be addictive. While it is questionable whether individuals who abuse ecstasy develop physical dependence on the drug, repeated use of ecstasy can lead to a substance use disorder. Learn more about tolerance and symptoms of ecstasy abuse.
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