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Why Do Gay Men Sometimes Struggle with Substance Abuse?
Feb 4, 2019

Research investigating prevalence rates for substance abuse in the LGBT community is not extensive; however, the bulk of it indicates that the rate of substance abuse is estimated to be between 20 percent and 30 percent, or higher, in gay and transgender people compared to about 9 percent in the general population. The rate of […]

Guide to Drug Use & Infectious Diseases Within the Gay Community
Dec 12, 2018

Members of the gay community who use drugs can lower their risk of infection by practicing safe sex, using clean needles, getting vaccinated, and avoiding drugs and alcohol in association with sexual activity. Risks for Contracting Diseases Members of the LGBT community use substances at higher rates than the heterosexual population. Higher rates of substance […]

Lesbians & Addiction: Prevalence, Risk Factors & Treatment
Nov 6, 2018

Being a member of the lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer (LGBTQ) community comes with a unique set of challenges. Social acceptance, discrimination, and family and personal relationship challenges are often faced by lesbians. Lesbians, in particular, can struggle with society’s expectations of what it means to be a woman and how to balance those standards […]

Your Guide to LGBTQIAPK Addiction Treatment
Nov 6, 2018

As understandings of human sexuality and gender identity have grown, so too has the knowledge of substance abuse and mental health issues facing gay, transgender, and alternative communities. This guide to LGBTQIAPK addiction treatment explains the intersection of drug and alcohol misuse as well as the kaleidoscope of sexual and gender expression. The Growth of […]

Transgender and Addiction
Jul 12, 2017

People who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender have benefitted from unparalleled social and legal progress in a remarkably short time span – TIME magazine called 2014 “The Transgender Tipping Point” – but people on the sexual orientation and gender identity spectrum still face many challenges. For transgender individuals, rates and risk factors of […]

LGBTQ & Gay-Friendly Rehabs: Statistics, Risk Factors & Treatment Near Me
Nov 2, 2015

Statistics on LGBTQ Populations & Addiction For years now, it has been increasingly acknowledged that the incidence of substance abuse and addiction is higher among people who identify as homosexual, bisexual, transgendered, or somewhere else on the gender or sexuality spectrum (LGBTQ). This is confirmed by research reviews, such as one included in the journal […]

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