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Are Over-the-Counter Medications Safer Because You Don’t Need a Prescription?
May 3, 2019

What Are Over-the-Counter Drugs? Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs are everywhere. You may frequently encounter some of these medicines on store shelves and home medicine cabinets. If you can walk into a grocery store, pharmacy, or gas station and buy a drug that promises to treat the symptoms of an illness or problem, it is likely an […]

How Bad Is Acetaminophen for the Liver?
Oct 9, 2018

Acetaminophen, commonly recognized by the brand name of Tylenol, is an over-the-counter pain reliever and fever reducer. It is also an active ingredient in many cold and flu medicines. It is used to treat simple conditions such as headache, arthritis, toothaches, colds, fevers, and muscle aches and pains. What is Acetaminophen? Acetaminophen was approved for […]

Can You Get High on Dimenhydrinate Dramamine?
Oct 4, 2018

Dramamine is a brand name for the drug dimenhydrinate. It is an over-the-counter antihistamine that is typically used for relief from nausea and vomiting. Dimenhydrinate is commonly used for those who are sensitive to motion sickness during travel, such as those who become ill from travel in planes or cars. Products containing dimenhydrinate are also […]

Pseudoephedrine: Side Effects, Safety & Uses of Sudafed
Oct 4, 2018

What is Pseudoephedrine? Pseudoephedrine is a drug that has been most commonly used as an ingredient in the previously over-the-counter medication, Sudafed, which is used as a nasal decongestant. Pseudoephedrine is present in some medications without a prescription, and it is available in drugstores behind the pharmacy counter. The US Food and Drug Administration sets […]

Abusing OTC Drugs: Dangers, Signs, and Getting Help
Jul 30, 2018

The abuse of over-the-counter (OTC) medications is particularly problematic because a large number of individuals under age 26 abuse these substances, and of course, many OTC drugs are easily obtained. According to an article in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, individuals who use over-the-counter medications tend to: Several different categories of […]

DXM Addiction, Effects, and Rehab Treatment
Jul 30, 2018

When misused in high doses, DXM can cause euphoria and auditory and visual hallucinations.2 This page discusses  DXM, how it affects the brain and body, the warning signs of misuse, and treatment options for DXM addiction. What is DXM? In 2018, 13.4 million products containing DXM were sold in the United States.2 When taken as […]

Dextromethorphan/DXM Overdose: Dangers of Abusing Cough Medicine
Oct 10, 2017

When codeine, a mild opioid narcotic, was moved to Schedule III and required a prescription for purchase, drugs containing dextromethorphan were popularized since the active ingredient was believed to be safer. Unfortunately, dextromethorphan has been shown to be habit-forming and intoxicating. It is now a drug of abuse that can even cause a life-threatening overdose […]

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