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9 Sobriety Social Media Influencers
Dec 4, 2023

Social media is an undeniably powerful force of our modern culture. From geopolitical governance to trending makeup tutorials, social media has been proven able to shape, shift, and shake our collective consciousness. When it comes to recovery-oriented or sober lifestyles, social media has increasingly become a beacon for many–both for “sober curious” individuals and those […]

Should I Worry About Social Media Addiction?
Apr 29, 2021

Social media addiction is a growing concern for many, even if the condition is not yet recognized by medical professionals. As smartphones connect people from around the globe, many are beginning to worry about the drawbacks. People are often glued to their phones, continually refreshing their social media feeds. Is there a point where social […]

Social Media Recovery Communities in a Pandemic World
Apr 6, 2021

Social media has quickly become a popular lifeline for many struggling with addiction. As many know, mental and behavioral health problems are skyrocketing due to Covid-19. In contrast, many traditional treatment service providers had to significantly adjust their operations, while other treatment providers scrambled to meet growing demand. For many, social media has become a […]

Tips for Online Dating in Recovery
Mar 15, 2021

After you’re out of rehab and in recovery from a substance use disorder, you may be looking for ways to get your life back on track. If you’re single, one of those ways might be to start dating again. Online dating is a way to tackle the social anxiety aspect of finding a partner. Online […]

Does Social Media Impact Teen Substance Use?
Oct 27, 2020

Teenagers are in that “in between” world. The reality of getting taken care of by parents and the world of adulting that comes with a plethora of responsibilities. Regardless of which generation a teenager has gotten to experience, there are commonalities across the board. Teens all face hormonal changes, feeling awkward, peer pressure, and that […]

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