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It’s Not All Fiction: 3 Series Show Substance Use for Real
Sep 21, 2021

The Queen’s Gambit Every evening, the girls at Methuen Orphanage in Kentucky line up to receive two pills – green and red. These vitamins, so they are told, are good for you. Hurry up and take them. However, a long-time resident, Jolene, advises Beth Harmon, the main character, to veer from this rule. Pretend to […]

Short Guide to TV and Streaming Shows about Addiction
Mar 19, 2021

Is the small screen – not so small in many households – offering programming about addiction and recovery? The answer for broadcast/cable TV and streaming denizens is resoundingly “YES”. In fact, there are way too many tv shows about addiction to cover in just one post. Sorting through the possibilities to come up with a […]

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