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What to Say When a Loved One Comes Home from Rehab
Jan 22, 2021

If you have a loved one preparing to come home from rehab, you may be filled with mixed emotions. Completing rehab is a monumental step, and while you are likely excited and proud of your loved one, you may also be worried about them leaving the safe environment of a rehab facility. You could also […]

Loving an Addict or Alcoholic: How to Help Someone With Addiction
Mar 24, 2017

Though there are common themes and issues in a relationship with a person who has a substance use disorder, each person’s situation is different, and the solutions discussed here may or may not work in your situation. Codependency in Relationships If your loved one displays the symptoms of a substance use disorder, your relationship is […]

Living With an Alcoholic: How to Deal With an Alcoholic Spouse
Mar 24, 2017

This article will cover how to cope with a spouse with an AUD while finding ways to take care of yourself. It will also explore some common behaviors of those with alcohol abuse issues, phenomena you may experience while living with an alcoholic spouse, and your spouse’s addiction treatment options. If you or your loved […]

Guide for Families Part II: Treatment and Recovery
Mar 24, 2017

Researching Your Treatment Options At times of emotional conflict, it might seem that the family is just a set of isolated individuals who happen to live under the same roof, but this is far from true. The family is a deeply interconnected system in which each member’s actions can either undermine or support the others. […]

How Does Drug & Alcohol Addiction Affect Families?
Mar 24, 2017

Introduction Family can be one of our greatest sources of physical security and emotional support. But family environments can also foster destructive emotions and behaviors, including substance abuse and addiction. The genetic ties that make blood relatives so close can also hold the seeds of compulsive or addictive behaviors, and the self-harming actions that children […]

Addiction Guide for Spouses and Partners
Mar 24, 2017

Yet for many Americans, a close relationship with an addicted partner can become a source of chaos, emotional upheaval, and even violence. Substance abuse can eventually destroy a couple by undermining trust, which weakens the bond between partners. If children are part of the relationship, conflicts over parental responsibilities, neglect, or abuse often occur as […]

How to Talk to an Alcoholic: Reaching Out, Connecting & Offering Help
Mar 20, 2017

This article will help you understand alcohol use disorders, how to approach someone you think may have a drinking problem, how to offer them assistance, and how to take care of yourself during this process. Remember: it may take more than one conversation with a person who has an alcohol use disorder to encourage them […]

How to Get Someone Into Rehab: Guide for Family Members
May 3, 2016

The experience of admitting that you or a loved one has a problem is typically stressful and emotional, but with effective treatment, recovery is possible. Read on to better understand the treatment options. When Is Addiction Help Needed? The first step of recovering from addiction is identifying it. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental […]

Sending a Family Member to Alcohol Rehab
Nov 10, 2015

The decision to send a family member or loved one to rehab for alcohol addiction is never an easy one. The individual’s family may have many fears about rehab itself, about how the person will respond both to the intervention and to treatment, and about how the process of finding a rehab and getting the […]

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