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Career Comeback after Addiction?
Sep 15, 2022

It’s possible. Many have done so. Celebrity-status doesn’t exempt an individual from the struggle of substance misuse. Some may even argue that the film and TV industry opens the door to such struggles due to the pressure and demands made by the career choice. Regardless, addiction to drugs (illicit or prescription) and/or alcohol is a […]

Fentanyl Overdoses Inspires Action from Survivors, Narcan Advocates
Sep 8, 2022

Conversations about overdoses and overdose deaths are not the easiest to have, but the dialogue is necessary to help decrease the occurrence of both. There are several substances—illicit or prescription drugs—that are problematic. The one that rarely seems to provide second chances to first-time users, however, is an unknown and lethal amount of fentanyl arbitrarily […]

“Dopesick” Series and the Opioid Crisis
Oct 21, 2021

There is no doubt that there is an opioid crisis in the United States. More than 70% of deaths associated with drug overdoses in 2019 alone involved opioids. We can all point fingers to place the blame on who we believe is responsible, but that won’t stop those addicted to opioids from misusing the prescriptions. […]

Parenthood, Opioid Overdose, & Naloxone
Sep 15, 2021

Being a parent is challenging enough. But when the challenges evolve into a substance use disorder (SUD), it can be daunting. Parents may assume that they “know” their teenage son or daughter and may even believe that their child “would never” use drugs. The truth is, even parents who have provided a healthy and loving […]

Dangers of Fentanyl: Are they Real?
Aug 12, 2021

If fentanyl was a houseguest, it has definitely worn out its welcome in the United States. It’s a Schedule II prescription drug meant to manage pain after surgery or to treat individuals with severe pain. Additionally, it’s a synthetic opioid, which happens to be 50-100 times more potent than morphine. The problem? Some individuals are […]

What a Joe Biden Presidency Could Mean for the Opioid Crisis
Nov 19, 2020

Amidst the pandemic and election, there is still an opioid crisis in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, $78.5 billion a year is spent on prescription opioid misuse. This includes the cost of addiction treatment, health care, criminal justice involvement, and the loss of productivity. Furthermore, data from 2018 […]

Grandparents Are the New Parents: Opioid and Pandemic Perils
Nov 9, 2020

Opioid addiction knows no bounds. People of all ages, walks of life and occupations may struggle with substance abuse. Many of them are parents of school-age children and, for various reasons, can’t take care of their offspring in a responsible, healthful way. Some may have lost rights to or abandoned them. Others may be away […]

Opioid Crisis Overshadowed by Presidential Election
Oct 29, 2020

The current presidential election year is nothing short of an emotionally-charged experience for many Americans, as it has been with the majority of 2020. Lurking just underneath the surface of this experience is one of many threats to America’s well-being: the ongoing opioid crisis. Addiction continues to be a problem in the United States, even […]

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