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What to Know about Tropanes and Piperidines
Tropanes can be used for hallucinogenic purposes and have been associated with these effects throughout history. Piperidines are often found in the skin of frogs, such as montane dendrobatid from Panama. Learn more about what you should know about tropanes and piperidines.
How Are Benzofuran Drugs Abused?
Benzofurans are alluring drugs for some people to use due to the potential for a euphoric high. The psychoactive effects can feel liberating to some people while it can cause fear and confusion in others. Learn more on benzofuran drugs are abused.
Are Their Dangers Associated to Methoxamine Use?
Methoxamine is made up of unknown ingredients, has no consistent manufacturing process, has no known safe dosage, has not been tested for human consumption and has exponentially greater effects when combined with alcohol or other substances. Understand the dangers of Methoxamine.
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