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Dry January
Aug 16, 2022

Based on a survey of 3,000 Americans

Veterans with Mental Health Challenges are Combating the Stigma
Jun 17, 2021

It takes courage to serve one’s country. And it takes courage to be willing to sacrifice one’s life in the name of service. The impact of the experiences on the battlefield in foreign lands is a weight that’s all too heavy for most. It’s not the temporary burdens of carrying physical objects that are the […]

Drink Up or Not? Alcohol Before and After the COVID Vaccine
Apr 23, 2021

A restaurant in Tampa, Florida, is offering a promotion for those who get the COVID vaccine. Present official proof you received the COVID-19 vaccine and enjoy a free serving of the establishment’s new Black n’ Blue Burger. It’s “dine-on-us” for getting jabbed and for looking and booking to make this shot in the arm a […]

Studies on Alcohol Consumption Show Alarming Risk: Cancer
Apr 5, 2021

Something dramatic took place recently. Awareness of the correlation and risks between drinking alcohol and getting cancer existed, but it has reached a heightened state. In October 2020, seven leading cancer- and alcohol-oriented organizations joined forces. They took action. As one bloc, they submitted a petition to the federal government. It went directly to the […]

President Biden is a Teetotaler. How do you Know if You’re One?
Jan 21, 2021

Despite the pandemic driving up alcohol sales, there are still people who simply don’t drink—pre-COVID and even now. Part of this population are those who used to drink, but have chosen to quit and are now sober. Another part of this population are known as a teetotaler. Teetotalism is the practice of abstaining from alcoholic […]

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